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A Century of Service to Southern California Golfers

The Southern California Golf Association, one of the nation’s oldest and largest regional golf associations, has established itself as the trusted resource for Southland golfers, whether they are casual or devoted players.

In addition to providing a host of member services, including access and preferred pricing at some of the area’s top courses, the SCGA administers the USGA Handicap System and conducts major amateur golf tournaments in the region.

Employing some of the most highly skilled golf administrators in the country, the SCGA provides its members with tools and insider information to enhance their enjoyment of the game – from updating Handicap Indexes to identifying new courses for them to play. The SCGA also provides news and information on issues affecting golfers, provides Rules of Golf education, measures courses and provides USGA Course and Slope Ratings, and sponsors education of youth through golf.

The association was founded in 1899 to serve the many golfers and businessmen who were moving to Los Angeles. Representatives from five golf clubs met to form the SCGA, and two of those charter clubs—The Los Angeles CC and Redlands CC—remain members.

The SCGA has enjoyed expansive growth ever since. By 1925, it had grown to 45 clubs. In 1971, it merged with the San Diego County Golf Association to bring the total membership to 171 clubs. In 1981, affiliate member status was created to include groups that didn’t have their own golf courses. That program, the first in the nation, has spread throughout Southern California and become a model for other golf associations.

In 2011, the SCGA consolidated operations with the Public Links Golf Association of Southern California. Currently, the SCGA has approximately 160,000 members and nearly 1,300 clubs.

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Learn more about the services we provide to our member clubs and individual members with this video.