Get to Know:

George Mallory

The Basics:

Name: George Mallory
City of residence: Los Angeles
Club: PGA West Private
Profession: Lawyer
Family: Married 24 years to Brenda. 4 Adult Children and 2 Grandchildren.
Volunteer and committee involvement: Advocates Pro Tour

What you Didn't Know:

A musician that George listens to: Gerald Albright - Saxophone
First car: 1964 Plymouth Valiant
Favorite book: The Firm
Guilty-pleasure food: Cheeseburger with Chili
Favorite non-golf item: iPad
Favorite Southland hotspot: Hollywood Bowl
One gadget George can’t live without: Cell phone
Favorite quote: Miles to go before I sleep – Robert Frost
If George couldn’t do what he does now as a profession, he would be a: Teacher
Greatest pride: My family
Most-visited website that’s not work-related: ESPN
On volunteering: The greatest opportunity to make a difference

On the Course:

Has golfed for: 20 years and counting
Favorite Tour player: Tiger Woods
What part of the game of golf needs to change: Scores higher than three or more over par affecting pace of play
What George would tell juniors to interest them in the game of golf: Golf is a game that you can play for the rest of your life