Get to Know:

Jorge Badel, PGA

The Basics:

Name: Jorge Badel

City of residence: Manhattan Beach

Club: South Bay Publinks GC

Profession: Sr. Golf Director, County of Los Angeles

Family: Daughters Daniella and Natalia

Volunteer and committee involvement: Championships & Golf Operations, Public Affairs, SCGA Jr. Golf Fountation Committee, Course ratings

What you Didn't Know:

A musician that Jorge listens to: R.E.M.

First car: Datsun 210

Favorite book: Dictionary. I try to learn a new word each day

Guilty-pleasure food: Anything in a Bakery

Favorite non-golf item: My beach cruiser

Favorite Southland hotspot: Any ocean clifftop

One gadget Jorge can’t live without: iPod

Favorite quote: Every person is guilty of the good they did not do and I've never learned anything from listening to myself talk and Listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to reply.

If Jorge couldn’t do what she does now as a profession, he would be a: Commercial Pilot (He is a licenced private pilot)

Greatest pride: My daughters continued growth and maturity in life...gets better every day

Most-visited website that’s not work-related: Next Door

On volunteering: It would be disingenuous of me to not give back to this game which has given me so, so much.

On the Course:

Has golfed for: 55 years

What Jorge would like to see more of on the course: Persons who come from or came from economically challenged communities.

Favorite Tour player: Tiger

What part of the game of golf needs to change: Slow play

What Jorge would tell juniors to interest them in the game of golf: Lots of yummy food at the ninth hole snack bar