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OPINION: Take A Break From Stats

By: Leslie K. Hughes - Feb 16, 2021

Golf is a sport that places a heavy emphasis on numbers. How many yards you drive the ball, what number of club you use, and of course, how many strokes it takes to get the ball in the hole. While we are very much for getting your game down to…

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Mediterranean Golf Cruises: A Mix of Adventure and Luxury

By: Leslie K. Hughes - Nov 17, 2022

I’m a bit of a wanderlust and when you pair that with being an avid golfer, you find yourself on some incredible golf trips. . As much as I love a good golf get-away, there are inevitable hurdles and difficulties that can impede one from reaching maximum golf travel enjoyment:…

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Indian Wells Golf Resort: A Municipal Course Suprise

By: Leslie K. Hughes - Mar 11, 2023

When I think of municipal courses, I think about courses that are great to play, but are no-frills – where you go when you want to play a round of golf that won’t break the bank and may not include the bells and whistles you see at a country club.…

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6 Ways to Keep Your Game Sharp This Winter

By: Leslie K. Hughes - Nov 13, 2023

Winter is the dreaded season that turns the greens of the golf course to less-than-ideal conditions (maybe even snow and ice, depending on where you live). It is at this time that golf enthusiasts (yes, we are looking at you) may be tempted to hang up their clubs and wait…

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Four International Golf Trips You Should Book This Year

By: Leslie K. Hughes - Feb 10, 2023

Springtime is nearing and if you’re anything like me, you’ve got golf on your mind. The excitement to get out there in the sun, shake off the winter layer, and swing right into spring is undeniable. Chances are good you’ve started making a mental list of your favorite courses you…

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The Perfect Morning Stretch Routine

By: Leslie K. Hughes - Aug 17, 2021

Exercise gets all of the credit for being important for your health. And there are good reasons for that. According to the CDC, benefits of exercise include the improvement of: ● Brain health ● Weight management ● Strengthening bones ● Strengthening muscles ● Reducing disease ● Your ability to do…

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