Commerce Portal Auto-Renewal FAQs

Q: Is there an auto-renewal membership option with this program?
A: YES. Members can optionally participate in an auto-renewal option, easing the payment/collection of dues for the long term.

Q: Do all our members have to participate in auto-renewal?
A: NO. The auto-renew feature is optional for each member.

Q: Do members who sign up for auto-renewal have the ability to opt-out of this feature later?
A: YES. Members will receive an email notification both 14 and 7 days in advance of an automatic renewal, which is normally tried 15 days before the membership expires, giving the opportunity to cancel the upcoming charge. See sample below. Club officials can also stop auto-renewal for a member.
Q: If a club inactivates a member who is scheduled for auto-renewal, will the auto-renewal charge go through?
A: NO. When a member's membership is inactivated, auto-renewal is also inactivated for that member.
Q: When will auto-renewal take place for a member?
A: Auto-renewal is scheduled for approximately 15 days before the subscription end date, giving an opportunity to act if the card used for auto-renewal fails for some reason.
Q: If a member does not choose the auto-renewal feature while joining or renewing a membership, but decides that auto-renewal makes sense, can a change be made regarding participation?
A: Given that auto-renewal is chosen during the membership payment process, the member would not be able to activate the auto-renewal feature until the next membership cycle/year.
Q: Will a club have to address inactivation or anything similar for a golfer who is set up for auto-renewal?
A: NO. If the auto-renewal successfully goes through, the member's subscription end date is advanced 365 days/12 months. If the auto-renewal fails (such as credit card no longer valid), the member and the club are notified, the member is advised that an action needs to be taken to continue membership (with a link to the commerce portal for that club) and if nothing is done by the club or the member, the membership will expire automatically one day after the existing subscription end date.
Q: If a member signs up for auto-renewal, but opts out via either of the advance auto-renewal notification emails, will the club have to do anything to inactivate the golfer?
A: NO. For a member who originally signs up for the auto-renewal program, but later opts out, when the subscription end date identified in the SCGA Admin Portal arrives, the program automatically inactivates the membership one day later.
Q: If our club wants to change its membership prices for a new year, and a golfer is scheduled for auto-renewal, what should be done?
A: Any club desiring to change its dues structure MUST notify the SCGA PRIOR TO any type of SCGA renewal messaging going out (normally 60 days before a subscription end date).This allows the member that is scheduled for auto-renewal a chance to see the upcoming pricing in the advance notification emails, and be given an opportunity to opt out of auto-renewal. See sample auto-renewal notification message (following) that includes pricing breakdown earlier in document.
Q: Can a member scheduled for auto-renewal inactivate membership online?
A: Technically NO, but practically yes. The club is the only entity in position to inactivate a membership; the member can only opt-out of the automatic renewal function. However, if a member opts out of automatic renewal and does nothing else, the membership will expire automatically one day after the subscription end date.