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GHIN Updates

Aug. 3, 2020

  • Reporting:
    • Handicap Index History Report: 11 months were returned when the 12-month date range was submitted. The past 12 months are now included in the report.
    • Capped Golfer Report: No longer includes duplicate entries.
    • Scores Posted Report: ‘E’ score type filter has been added.
    • Various reports including Handicap Index/Course Handicap report now has the ability to pull more than five tees.
  • Syncing with Golf Canada: Golf Canada linking and syncing is now active and all scores will transfer over.
  • Competition Scores: 9 hole competition scores are now allowed.
  • Scheduled Reports: USGA has acknowledged some issues with delivery of schedule reports recently and has not remedied that to date
  • Updates were made to the Handicap Calculator
  • GHIN Mobile App: Addition of manually entering data to have Course Handicap calculated and the addition of Handicap Allowance and Shots off Low.
  • Tournament Management (TM): Importing tees from the Admin Portal/CRS into TM has been activated.

Apr. 4, 2020

USGA Admin Portal:

  • Rapid score entry: Player Entry Method now includes “Name” options for Club Admin
  • Reporting: Most Improved Golfer Template Report Incorporated logic to only include active golfers for selected club affiliation
  • Club Management: Golfer Name Display format has been fixed in the Roster & Golfer Groups - now displays as LastName Suffix, Prefix, FirstName, MiddleName

  • Golfers can now find a printable "My Card"

Mar. 2, 2020

  1. Handicap Index/Course Handicap Report should now offer all relevant tee choices as options;
  2. Reports should now only include members of the relevant club;
  3. Players in mobile app accessing stats should no longer potentially crash out of the mobile app.
  4. Default date for mobile app (Android issue only) now accurate when hole by hole entry is being used for score posting on the Mobile App. The default had been connected to UTC, which is 8 hours ahead of Pacific Time. To get this default corrected an Android Mobile App users needs to uninstall and reinstall the GHIN Mobile App.

Feb. 3, 2020

GHIN Mobile APP:

  • Android Users: If the app was downloaded prior to Jan. 17, delete and reinstall the GHIN App.
  • iPhone Users: Regardless of when the app was installed, users need to update the new app.

USGA Admin Portal:

  • Rapid score entry: Many of you have expressed disappointment in the GHIN number requirement for rapid score entry. This perspective has been communicated strongly to the USGA.
  • While there have been quite a few difficulties with reports working correctly, the issues have been narrowed considerably. We welcome any feedback on reports not providing the data you expect. As far as difficulty accessing reports the USGA asks that you clear your browser history and cookies - most access issues have been remedied this way.
  • Credentialing (Adding New Admin Users): A credentialed person can add new Users through the Account tab, then choose the Manage Users section. An email from [email protected] will be sent to new user asking to set up a password. (Email may appear in spam/junk folder). It is advisable to schedule reports and include those who are not credentialed to receive rather than set as a new user. This product is NOT to be used to manage membership!