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USGA TM - Tournament Admin Made Easy

TM Club is a powerful program with lots of great options to let you set up your events. But at times, it can be confusing to find the best way to hold your competitions.

Luckily, TM Club has excellent help functions that are available to all users.

On the lower right of every screen you will see an orange “Help” tab. Whether you are in trouble or just need to know how to do something, that is where you find what you need!

When you click on the Help Button you are taken to “Suggested for You.” These are articles directly related to the page you are on! You can see FAQs, procedure lists and event Webinars that can answer your questions.

Also, at the top of the Help Page you can enter your question in the “Search Our Knowledge Base” box. Type in your question or keywords and you’ll get a list of possible matches from TM Club support.

And, if these don’t answer your question, you can select “Contact Us” on top of the page. This will open a Chat Support Ticket with TM Club. You select what topic you need and then enter the question or information you need any answer for. Remember to include what Event you are working on! Which Round? Which Tournament?

Your Chat Ticket will be sent first to the SCGA. We’ll have someone here during normal business hours and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We can respond or, if needed, request help from the USGA TM Club support system. We can get you an answer!

Learning about TM Club

If you are new to TM Club or you want to know more about how the program works, there are several ways to learn!

First, under the Help Button menu you have a “Training” option. This lets you sign up for TM Club webinars and sessions covering different aspects of TM Club. These are given by the Golf Genius support staff and will cover different aspects of TM Club. The subjects change when new material is available from TM Club.

Second, the SCGA has recorded several of the webinars we’ve given. These range from introductions to TM Club to specific webinars on such subjects as Divisions/Flights/Teams, Scorecards, Season Points, etc.

The link to these sessions is here: SCGA Webinar Recordings.

Just sign in and you will have access to these webinars!

The USGA also created a couple of YouTube videos that you can see here: USGA Tournament Management YouTube Channel Link.

How and when do I get it?

To have your account activated, please contact [email protected].

What is the cost?

The price of TM Club is included for all SCGA Member Clubs.

How can I learn more?

The SCGA consistently hold webinars about specific parts of TM Club. To view all meetings, click here.