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World Handicap System

With multi-year collaboration between The USGA and The R&A, as well as national and regional golf associations around the world, 2020 will introduce one set of Rules of Handicapping. The World Handicap System (WHS) is aimed to support modernizing, growing and improving accessibility to the game of golf.

The following outlines the education and certification requirements for 2020:

  • All member clubs and clubs affiliated with the SCGA for handicap administration purposes are required to participate in an education seminar and complete an assessment demonstrating knowledge of the new Rules of Handicapping.
  • If a club does not satisfy the certification requirement by June 2020, the club will not be eligible to utilize the Rules of Handicapping or any part of the WHS.

A schedule of classes will be emailed on July 16! You may then register for any of the 12 meeting sites.