2022 SoCal Women’s Golf Summit
Profiles in Golf

Presented by the SCGA and SCPGA

Undecided Major in College. Now a Callaway Content Creator.

“People are going to realize what you’re capable of very quickly, but getting a foot in the door is a lot harder than it used to be.”

Alexis Eader discusses her unique career path and provides insights for breaking into, and excelling in, the sports business.

The Realities of Being a
Woman in Golf

“Walking into a conference room with 16 men, and you’re the only woman, and you’re the one presenting. It can be quite intimidating.”

Advertising Sales Executive Michelle Johnson gives tips for working in a male-dominated industry and embracing the game on the course.

How to Succeed in the Golf Industry

“At the end of the day, we all want everyone to succeed, because that means that our game succeeds.”

Learn how Nikki Gatch went from being the only girl on her high school boys’ golf team to becoming the next CEO of SoCal’s PGA section.

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