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Golf industry reference materials commonly cited in the public sphere.

Opposition to Assembly Bill 1910

Letter of Opposition to Assembly Bill 1910

Assessors’ Handbook Section 515 - Golf Courses

Assessors Handbook Section 515 - Golf Courses

California Golf Industry Best Management Practices Guide (GCSAA)

GCSAA Phase-3 Water Survey

GCSAA California Golf Industry BMP

GCSAA California Golf Industry BMP (Spanish)

California Golf Water Facts (Infographic)

Check out the following infographic and get educated on Golf's usage of water in SoCal.

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California Legislation

Recent California legislation directly impacting the golf industry.

AB 2257 - Full Text
Referral Exception -- AB 2257
AB 5 Business to Business for Professional Services Exception

California Public Resources Code - Public Park Preservation Act

Public Park Preservation Act -- California Public Resources Code 5400-5409

California Water Conservation

GCSAA - Day-Time Restrictions
GCSAA - California Water Talking Points

Dynamex Decision - CAG White Paper

Dynamex Decision - CAG White Paper

Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance - Proposed Separate Sub-Chapter under SLA’s

The California golf industry used its seat on the Department of Water Resources (DWR) Industry Stakeholder Advisory Group in 2017 to propose a separate chapter for new constructions and renovations under the Special Landscape Area (SLA) Section of the Ordinance. This proposal aimed to preempt various unworkable ideas of how the water budgets for water dependent enterprises such as golf courses, parks and sports fields were to be calculated.

MWELO - Golf Water Budgets - Proposed Separate Sub-Chapter under SLA's - December 19, 2017

Proposition 15 - CAG - White Paper

"Split Roll" Initiative on November Ballot - Potential Impact Upon California's Golf Courses as well as a primer on the tax assessment of the state's golf facilities.

Proposition 15 - CAG White Paper

Public Golf Endangerment Act (Infographic)

Pgea infographic-rgb

USGA - 2022 SoCal Golf & Water Summit Recap

Water Summit a Resounding Success

White Paper - 501(c) Golf Organizations and Advocacy

White Paper -- 501(c) Golf Organizations and Advocacy

Archived Updates

Opposition to Assembly Bill 1910

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CGCOA Golf is Good Ambassador Program

Are you interested in becoming an advocate for golf in California? The CGCOA is seeking amateur golfers who are passionate about protecting the game of golf and promoting public policies that enable golf to flourish in California. Take the next step to becoming an advocate for golf by completing the attached Golf is Good Ambassador Application.

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FORE - Public Affairs

FORE - The magazine of the SCGA. Find archived Public Affairs articles on the website of the SCGA's award winning quarterly publication.

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It isn’t often that one bill can highlight all that separates one side of California’s great water divide from the other – from those interests fixated on conservation as the focus of future supply and those intent on pursuing a more diversified portfolio – from those who are often accused of believing that California can conserve its way out of its aridification predicament and those who are convinced that if conservation is the only tool in the state’s water resiliency toolbox, California is doomed to be hollowed out in much the same way rust belt cities like Pittsburgh and Detroit were in the last quarter of the 20th Century.

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Charles Dickens’ famous opening of “A Tale of Two Cities” comes to mind as a good descriptor of where California’s water situation and golf’s place in it stands after back-to-back record precipitation years: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...".

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Four Los Angeles City Council members introduced a motion yesterday that seeks to crack down on what the motion describes as “black-market tee time brokers” who book and resell city golf course tee times for profit.

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When introduced by Assembly Member Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance) February 16, AB 3192 contained a provision that would have banned the use of all nonorganic pesticides and fertilizers on golf resorts in California’s Coastal Zone.

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A cautionary tale from semi-rural Santa Barbara County to remind you that the pressure to repurpose golf courses is not just a phenomenon in California’s densely packed urban cores.

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The National Golf Course Owners Association’s (NGCOA) Harvey Silverman may have characterized the City of Los Angeles’ uncommonly quick reaction to intense media scrutiny (five separate Los Angeles Times stories including a Sunday lead editorial) of the depredations of tee time brokering with his quip in the organization’s “Golf Business Weekly” about the city having reacted “faster than fixing potholes.”

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Every year there seems to be one bill filed in one house of the California Legislature that keeps the California golf community up at night.

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